Let’s talk DROBO!

If you’re looking for the ultimate in keeping your data safe, look no further.

Drobo is the ultimate in backups and data storage. There is nothing else like it. It is “The Black Box” you have been waiting for.

Lenharth Systems is proud to be an authorized reseller. We can help you get a Drobo set up fast and securely.

Fault tolerant data storage, if a drive fails.  Just pull it out and replace it.  No need to shut down or reboot. And, if you need more space, just add another disc.  Drobo does all the data moving and protects the data for you.

Call us and we’ll give you a demo.

Backups: A Must Do

Things have come a long way in backups.  Finally we have nice software that does it all for us.

We have ways of backing up over the internet to other locations. You can use multiple disks to make sure everything is secure and safe. Backing up your computer and you data files is easier than ever. Every Apple Computer comes with an easy to use Backup Solution, all you need is a disk. Windows 7 has it’s own version of Backups, that are just as easy. Taking your data off-site is now fast and easy too. We are experts in recovering data, but it’s best if the backup system is in place before things go bad.

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