3D Printing is here!

The 3D printing division of Lenharth Systems houses a set of 3D printers capable of producing items in plastic or rubber.  These printers can manufacture an object from a drawing file or a 3D scanned object file.  The printers produce the objects by melting the printing material and depositing it in human hair like strands building an object up from the base to it’s desired size.  (Our printers will print up to 7.9″ x 7.9″ x 7.1″ build area) The object instantly hardens producing a solid object.  Most objects are made as a shell with a honeycomb center, however, if a part is needed that must be strong it can also be a solid object, like a gear or pulley.

The 3D printer is good for producing prototype objects, in a small amount. We normally produce 50 or less copies of an item.  It is great for making custom items that and monogramed for a person, company or event.  We can do this type of work for your company both doing design for a sketch, photo or idea and make an item.  3D printers are very slow— routine print times are usually computed in hours. We can produce metallic colors, wood, as well as many colors of the rainbow.