Computer Recycling

Technology Recycling Programs

Lenharth Systems, LLC works hard to be a “Green” company. We can help you recycle your computers and electronics. For over 18 years we have had a “Zero Landfill Program” for old electronics and computers. We will find a way to recycle your old equipment and keep it out of the landfill.

Lenharth Systems offers a few choices for it’s customers to recycle their Electronic Waste.

First we need to talk about the tough stuff. Many of the parts in computers are hazardous materials and/or contain heavy metals: monitor tube (CRTs), toner cartridges, circuit boards, shielded plastics, etc. We offer recycling services to our customers to help find new homes for old computers, help eliminate clutter, help reduce the amount of stuff in land fills, make good use of old computers and make the world a better place. It’s fun to give back, and this is just one of the ways we have been helping out.

E-Waste usually can be put into one of four categories.

One: Good, useful, almost current computers.
(Hopefully you’re happy with these)

Category one is really not a problem, but if it is call us and we can help fix it.

Two: Out of date, working, but useful to someone.
(Too slow, can’t run the newest software)
Category two is where we take your old stuff, clean it up, securely wipe any data and find it a new home. Usually these end up in a school, daycare, or non-profit.

Three: Broken, but repairable and useful to someone.
(It’s been under the desk for about 6 months, you just bought the new faster one.)
Category three can be fixed and upgraded to category two or given to a technology school for students to dismantle and experiment with in electrical engineering courses.

Four: Scrap. Broken, not working or just way too old.
(It’s been in the basement for two years, time to make some room.)
Category four will be disassembled and recycled for any usable parts, non usable parts will be recycled for materials.
Most computer recycling will be done by Lenharth Systems, LLC as part of our commitment to our customers and the world around us.  We do the work, and make sure all data is destroyed securely.
Occasionally cases of volume or a few specific items such as CRT monitors and TVs, there a disposal fee. For example: A 21” Black and White, two page monitor will cost $25.00 to recycle. CRT displays are one of the most hazardous items around.

We do all we can to not only keep computers and peripherals out of the landfill, but have little or no impact on your bottom line.