About Us

We’re right here… whenever you need a little support!

We’re a small, locally-owned, friendly company in Barrington NH who prides itself on fast, cost-effective personalized solutions to all your technology challenges. Will Lenharth, the company’s owner is a UNH graduate.  We provide consistent and close support for all our clients for both Windows and Apple platforms.  We are very proud to say that many of our clients have been with us for over 18 years.

Our goal is to provide excellent service in a small geographical area (Seacoast NH), not become the “big guy” or an impersonal franchise. Your call, email or text is answered by a person who knows you, your equipment and your needs. We explain our solutions to the issue at hand in terms you can understand, and are always happy to have you watch and learn as we work on your equipment. As your company grows, we can help you put together a technology plan so you will know what to expect in the near and distant future, both for budgeting purposes and for staffing purposes.

Our goal is to minimize your downtime and help your entire staff work most efficiently. Why not take a moment, give us a call, or shoot us an email for a free, no-obligation on-site consultation to learn what we can offer your company.



Apple Hardware, Networking

If it’s made by Apple, he can dissect it. Will is the hardware backbone of our service team, with years of experience troubleshooting and repairing Apple products. With excellent contacts at Apple, Will is the guiding force behind the Lenharth Systems Team.



Director of Currency

The bucks stop here. Tara is the one-stop source for all billing and accounting issues at Lenharth Systems.






Networking, Internet, VPN

Wireless, You Name it!

If you want to know how to connect over a wire or wireless, Jason is the guy to ask. Jason is our networking guru and has years of experience working with both Windows and Macs, especially in mixed environments.





PC Wonder, Windows, VPN

Makes Windows sing, and play nice with others.

Make that Windows computer play nice.  Clear out all the extra stuff you don’t need or want.  He will help you get the most out your Windows PC.  He strives to make all Windows experiences good ones.




Nina  Messer

Office Director – Master of Shipping and Receiving 

A computer tech in training.  Also here to ask you about your day or how your life is going.  If you need to vent about your dog spilling drinks on your keyboard, she is here to listen and support you.