Are you Wired or Wireless?

productairport_hero_imageHave you thought about your home network being wireless?  Or making that WiFi really fly.

It’s a great option in older homes, perfect for making sure everyone in the house has access to the internet. Today’s products make it even easier to live without wires. Check your email from the deck. Share printers, share cable modem access, share files, and play games together.

Plenty of new device’s like Apple’s Airport Extreme or Apple TV allow playing music or shows throughout the house to your stereo or TV!

If you’ve already setup a wifi network, we can optimize it’s performance and make sure it’s secure. Don’t forget about setting up backups for everyone.

Get that NEW feeling back!

Let us help you get that NEW feeling back and save some money too. 

owcmercuryextremepro6gWhether it’s your laptop or desktop, Mac or PC, Lenharth Systems can clean it up, upgrade the hard drive and pump up the memory.

  We can boost it up, clean it off, make it run better than new.  We will help you get the best of your investment.

New Hybrid SSD/Mech Harddrives and RAM can really bring new life and speed to older machines.  There are also new network protocols that you might benefit from.

Check out our monthly maintenance plans.
  We offer a convenient and affordable plan for nearly every budget.

Since 1998 Lenharth Systems has excelled in system 
setup, network installations, data recovery and hardware
 repairs for residential and corporate customers.


Backups: A Must Do

Things have come a long way in backups.  Finally we have nice software that does it all for us.

We have ways of backing up over the internet to other locations. You can use multiple disks to make sure everything is secure and safe. Backing up your computer and you data files is easier than ever. Every Apple Computer comes with an easy to use Backup Solution, all you need is a disk. Windows 7 has it’s own version of Backups, that are just as easy. Taking your data off-site is now fast and easy too. We are experts in recovering data, but it’s best if the backup system is in place before things go bad.

Call us at 603-664-7449, we can help.

Laser Printer vs. Inkjet

They both have there place and now the prices keep getting better.

Here’s a look at the main differences. Inkjets can print more Photo realistic images, perfect if you like experimenting and making prints of your digital photos. Many of today’s inkjet printers can print gorgeous, archival quality prints at a very reasonable price. Ask us about the latest offerings from Epson, HP and Canon.

If you print A LOT. Text, business papers, etc, laserprinters are still less expensive in the long run with volume printing. Laserprinters are much faster and in some cases print much sharper graphics and text even on traditional copy paper. talk to us about your needs, we know the latest and most energy efficient, even duplex models if you’d like to save paper too! The Laseprinters are fast and quite.