Electronics Recycling

We’ve been committed to a Zero Landfill Policy for electronics since 1999.

We’ll take anything you are not using and pass it on to a suitable place. We have a network of schools, non-profit organizations and recycling centers to make sure your old tech goes to the best home.

We can give you credit for some items that go to recycling, and in most cases, there is no charge. There is a charge for CRT recycling.

And, rest assured, your data is safe. 
Before we pass along your old computer or device, we’ll copy the data and return it to you. We’ll wipe the data from the original drive or device so no one can recover it, or in some cases we’ll destroy the device to make sure your data is gone forever.

We have 3 streams for recycling.  We first try to reuse or share the computer with a non-profit that can use.  If it requires repair, we like to share with school tech programs for training, and in some cases it just gets scraped.

Give us a call. We can help. And we’ll always make sure your data is protected.