Digital Photos – Quick thoughts on Organizing.

There are many programs for organizing your photos.  A few things to keep in mind.  First:  BACKUP your photos.  They are precious.  Make sure you have safely stored all your photos in multiple places.  Second:  Keep them organized.  Use Adobe Lightroom, Apple Photos, Nomacs, or Camera Software (NikonView, Canon, Etc.)  Your camera (if not a phone) probably came with something to help.  Adobe is the leader in this arena and is also the most expensive.  Adobe has some great features; watermarks for sharing, editing options, etc.  Apple Photos is only available on the MacOS, but it is free for MacOS users.  It has some great editing features and plug ins are available to add features.  Nomacs is a great free open source option on Windows.  It has great search features and editing features too.  This is just a taste of options and things to think about.