Service and Support

“The Name of the Game”

Lenharth Systems, LLC services and solutions designed to keep your technology infrastructure in tip-top shape. These solutions help reduce costs while enabling your in-house staff to better focus their efforts and skills. Most importantly, We give you the peace of mind that your data systems are being monitored, managed and supported by expert IT professionals.

Networking Monitoring

Our specialists personally review system activity including broadband connectivity, critical error messages, performance and availability and take immediate action to minimize downtime.

Proactive Support

We help improve the stability and security of your systems through regular maintenance. Most maintenance tasks can be performed remotely, which reduces business disruption. However, we do not believe in the “hands off” service, we utilize the appropriate mix of people, processes and technologies to ensure your satisfaction.

Backup Systems & Procedures

Backup procedures are notoriously complex and failure-prone. We will eliminate this headache through comprehensive backup support services. We will ensure that your backup systems are operational and your backup jobs are completed on schedule.

Disaster Recovery & Planning

We can help ensure that you don’t lose critical data in the event of a disaster. Our experts will help you implement the appropriate policies, procedures and technologies to protect your business.

IT Assessment & Planning

You can trust the experts at LS to provide you with expert advice. At regular intervals we will review your systems and make recommendations based upon capacity requirements, load peaks, potential bottlenecks and overall performance.


We will document you configurations, setups, infrastructure and procedures.  We will keep a copy of this in your location and electronically with us.  So we both have the info we need, when we need it.